Hamptons-Style Home Interior: A Room-By-Room Guide

Hamtons interior design is timeless, luxurious, and sophisticated. Originally inspired by the grand mansions on Long Island in New York, this style lends your abode a sense of simplicity, livability and beauty.

In a Hamptons house, you will encounter lavish, oversized furniture that makes everyone feel relaxed. This style makes your space bright and airy, letting the outdoors inside naturally. Incorporation of natural seaside elements from grasscloth to vibrantly-shaded sea glass adds brightness to your space.

So if you want to own a Hamptons home in Singapore, follow this guide to transform your home room by room:


1. Living Room

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The calming colour palette that consists of different tones of white and gray, paired with cosy accessories makes your living room feel comfy and sophisticated. White is always the best choice as your base colour in this scheme.

Hamptons houses often look and feel classic when it comes to styles. So make sure you choose timeless furniture painted in neutral shades instead of choosing something that is on trend.

For textiles, embrace white in various shades and blue tones. Layering is the best matching trend with Hamptons decor rather than using intricate patterns.


2. Kitchen

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Hamptons-style kitchens use white as the dominating colour. That is why it is important that you pay proper attention to the finishing details in your kitchen, such as handles, mouldings, tiles, etc. These elements add a texturing layer and interest to your cooking space.

You can choose traditional tapware to add some more interest. As shown in this image, the Hamptons-style kitchen cabinetry in the bold blue shade makes it look perfect. The silver touch adds finishing to this space. Keep in mind that no Hamptons kitchen is complete without statement-making modern lights to add a decorative touch to your space.


3. Bedroom

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Bedrooms are the place where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the day and get re-energized for the next day. So this room should be practical with enough and pleasant lighting, storage, and a comfortable bed.

When it comes to Hamptons style, plenty of blue shades in the interior and decor accents are favourable. You can achieve the right balance with soft and time-worn linens, rustic furnishing, and a well-placed window. With a finessed floor plan, you can easily achieve a luxurious, elegant and comfortable Hamptons vibes for your sleeping space.

Hints of coastal-inspired timber, turquoise, blue, and rattan are great. Think creamy tones, sea greens and soft neutrals throughout your Hampton-inspired home. The colours should flow from inside to outside.


4. Colour Scheme

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The iconic Hamptons interior style is centered on the white tone. The colour palette you choose is often of classic elegance instead of being a traditional beige. White serves as a hallmark of Hamptons style and amplifies light within the space. It creates a sense of chic, airy, and comfortable feel within your house.

The duck egg blue is another great colour for this style. You can combine it with neutral timber shades that will work best in large spaces.


Bonus Tips

Mirrors, soft furnishing, and rugs make a Hamptons interior look even more beautiful. You can now easily transform your home using this comprehensive and quick guide to own a perfect Hamptons home.


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