Do Away With Your Kitchen Organization Woes With Excel Hardware

Are you facing challenges with your kitchen storage? Feel like everything remains disorganized and cluttered no matter how much you try to keep it organized? Can’t separate the utensils from the crockery and cutlery? Don’t worry – Excel Hardware has got you covered.


With their diverse range of amazing kitchen hardware, you’ll never feel like your kitchen is in a state of disarray again. If you’re wondering which ones to choose to start your hardware planning, here are 3 items that will never let you down. Let’s take a look:


1. EXCEL Premio Stainless Steel Mul Basket

Where do you put all those tall bottles in your kitchen? Well, you can certainly get this part of your kitchen organization out of the way with the Excel Premio Mul Basket. This elongated stainless-steel pullout basket is specially designed to safe keep all of your long and short-necked bottles, jars, and any other item that is too tall for either a cabinet compartment or a simple drawer.


It’s got a glamorous façade that is perfect for adding a modern vibe to any kitchen. Its telescoping installation system ensures smooth pulling out. The whole structure is shock absorbent, so that your accessories won’t break when you close the mul.


2. EXCEL Bene Three-sided Stainless Steel Basket

This 3-sided basket is the perfect way to organize an always-messy drawer. It’s got multiple compartments that allow you to optimize the space fully. It consists of an elongated cabinet, a cutlery tray, and a plate grid – all neatly separated so that your utensils never clutter each other.


It’s made out of electrolyzed stainless steel that will never rust, and is installed with a telescopic system that ensures easy opening and closing. Other than that, there are noise canceling rail dampers and shock absorbent structuring that makes this basket a great, pragmatic, and long-lasting addition to any kitchen!


3. EXCEL – Fiorella Sus304 Permutation Multipurpose Slimline Slabs Pull out Kitchenware Basket

This eclectic basket is designed for multi-purposing. It can easily compartmentalize the most miscellaneous things in your kitchen – from that chopping board that never fits anywhere to plastic Tupperware containers and more. Its runner-based telescopic structure ensures easy pulling out and the stainless-steel structure is as sturdy as they come. The auto-lubrication cartridge keeps the rails smooth and rail dampers muffle any hard-closing noises.


You’ll definitely love how organized your kitchen will become by just installing these 3 amazing components. They’re certainly worth having if you want to fully organize your space!

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